Ms. Madeline's School for the Gifted and Talented

Chapter 5 - Throw Downs

The group turned to see a five people who did not look like they were there to invite them to a barn Dance. Alexa, MArk , Jack from Essex and two others whom they knew vaguely as Jack’s friends Lawrence and Hugh. They’re monsters were there in full force looking ugly as sin and spoiling for a fight. Alexa had her Mannequin, The Hag-on-the-Hill was with Mark “Champ” there was Spike with Jack from Essex, The Queen Insect with Lawrence and Hugh had The Black Lizard. Other kids were swarming in to watch and Henry had called out his monster Alfonse an electrical tiger (one might even say a thunder cat) who was helping him project his voice for the commnetary. Christopher was offered a chance to back out of the fight but refused. The fight got messy quickly The symphony and Bowzo were close to bottling out near the end and both Pix and Sir HUgsalot were not in great shape. But at the end they were triumphant Sir Hugsalot had wrecked Spike and the Black Lizard thoroughly with help from the symphony, the symphony had single handed (music with hands?!?) taken down the insect Queen Mark was a blubbing wreck on the floor as Johnny threw insult after insult at him. Alexa was the only one to escape after her and Brooke had basically traded but with no allies left she quit while she could only getting a small chunk torn out by Bowzo.

Unfortunately in the middle of their victory the teachers swept in and silence rippled out till all the childrne were silent. Ms. Madeline looked furious and ordered everyone involved to be taken in to her office. The recumbant forms of their opponnts were brought round. Henry tried to slip off but Ms. Madleine rounded on him and dragged him along too. Mandy was also fetched and the players briefly filled her in. The players were made to wait outside the office whislt the others went in. Mr Byte stayed outside with them from inside they heard raised voices as each of them were shouted at in turn. Eventually they all trouped back out and were led off with Mrs Morris without speaking. The players then trouped in and were gestured to seats. Miss Direction was leaning in one corner smirking. After haranguing them in particular Johnny and Brooke at Miss Dyrection’s occasional input. Johnny being the mouty little so and so that he is continued to answer back and challenge Ms. Madeline. She finally got irritated and took a small doll made of hessian and with buttons for eyes. In her other hand she had a needle and begn to thread it through where the mouth would be on the doll. Johnny felt the pain as the doll did as Ms. Madeline pinned the doll’s mouth shut. After a brief further staring contest. Ms. Madeline told them that she could not let this go unpunished whether or not they had simply been defending themselves. They would need to do a few days hard work in the kitchen. Mr Byte led them out as Ms. Madleine began to delicately remove the pins from the doll’s face. Mr Byte locked them in a small broom cupboard whilst he went to organise they’re work in the kitchen. The players began to talk amongst themslves and had just decided to leave before MR Byte came back when smoke bgan pouring in through the key hole. Sir Hugsalot smashed the door apart on Craigs order at whic the smoke gave a cry of pain and began to coalese into the form of Miss Austen. Whilst indignant at being punched she briefly explained that she was a ghost of the Jane AUsten who had lived in the 18th century, Chistopher bgan shaking like a leaf but Miss Austen led them quickly to the rooms she had been given where she outline the fact that there was no escape from the school nt even for a ghost. She was bound here by Ms Madeline. If they simply ran they would get a few miles beyond Little Fiddlington before simply coming back around the other way again. She answered questions from the party saying that Ms. Madeline, Mack and Mr Crufts were all flesh and blood though Ms. Madeline was weird. Mrs Morris she hadn’t seen enough but she was the one who made concoctions for the cup cakes. Mr Byte and Miss Dyrection were the ones who were not human though she didn’t understand what they were though she could tell they weren’t dead like the people of Little Fiddlington who were simply murderous ghosts.

Craig suggested that they should take down one of Mr. byte or Miss Dyrection as they seemed to be Ms. Madeline’s closest comaptriots and hope that if they took them out they knew some way of getting inforation to get them out. They settled on Mr. Byte because well he was a massive jerk. They guessed he’d be in the kitchen organising they’re punishment so the group set off. The school seemed quiet as they ppassed through before the ntercom came on. Ms. Madeline said that all students could have the rest of the day off in Little Fiddlignton but not to get into trouble. The group arrived at the kitchen and inspected the only door in found it was a locked vault door, more at home in a bank than a school. They were just debating getting Sir Hugsalot to wrench the door off when the door swung ponderously open. A smell of rotting meat and old custard came rolling out and Mr Byte was stood their. immediately Sir Hugsalot went in a swatted him down. Over the next few rounds more and more electrical equipment from security cameras to Chris’ phone came online and began attacking them the cameras fired lasers and others tried to draw them into cyber space. Mr Byte disitergrated under Mr Hugslaots attacks, spewing what looked like code and within a minute reappeared from a nearby electrical device. Brooke rushed into the kitchen as the Symphony sonic boomed the roof to destroy the cameras and Mr Byte appeared inside the kitchen. He brought cookers and Fridges online. Inside a horde of Zombies and a giant blob of custard whaled on Brooke and Bowzo and though they wrecked a large number of the zombie chefs she ended up pinned to a nearby wall, suffocating in custard much to Bowzo’s disgust. Pix got bonked by a vending machine firing cans of soda before she flew inside and buzz sawed her way out with one flick of her dainty locks. As more things came under his control Mr Byte seemed to get faster and stronger so Sir Hugsalot rather than smashing him for the fifth time fell back blocking only to be set on fire by the cookers. The symphony aimed for the room’s junction block blowing it up and cutting power to the room, the machinery went still and Mr Byte disintegrated again. The Custard Blob was still going though, between it and the zombies they were still causing problems, Pix, the Symphony and Sir Hugsalot battered it with various attacks whilst Sir Hugsalot rescued Brooke from the custard, Johnny began trying to eat it with a spoon…

The custard raised itself and came slamming down on to Christopher slamming him to floor and finishing itself in the process. The group collected themselves together, Brooke still wearing her very stained pink dress and tried to clean off the clingy custard. They came to the conclusion that Mr Byte must have headed back to his rooms and had some kind of server up there.

They broke into his room together . Inside was what appeared to be a compute from a rabid gamer’s wildest dreams, imagine if you stuck 40 glowy green stacks together and you get the picture. The symphony and Christopher stayed by the door throwing out sonic booms, whilst the others beat on the super computer, trashing a large amount of it. Craig was the only one to look up in time to see a massive TV screen come to life before they were sucked up towards it and into cyber space, Mr Byte’s home turf, all apart from Christopher who had stayed back in the door. The group found themselves in cyber space where Mr Byte began to monologue at him all the group but Craig jumped him to distract him whilst Craig attempted to hack the system, he gained access and administrator privileges, he quickly swiped a number of files and begun to prepare to reprogram Mr Byte, he started by taking away his administrator privileges and stripping him off his powers. The playing field was levelled noticeably and Johnny, Brooke, Bowzo and Pix brought him down his arm came off and spiraled of into pieces of code as he bled more code from the nose.

Meanwhile Christopher continued firing sonic booms wrecking the floor and the machine which proved to be a massive distraction and the real generators were in neighboring rooms that had to be accessed by the now floor less entry room. Peeved, Christopher turned his sonic booms on the screen obliterating it and cutting its power till it fell. Inside Cyber space Mr Byte screamed a horrible scream, one echoed by Craig as they were both still connected to cyber space as Christopher destroyed it. Craig was permanently brain damaged by the experience whilst Mr Byte began to break apart. Johnny let his psychotic side show hacking at Mr Byte’s neck the head continued to scream as he held it up and collapsed in on itself finally leaving the group trapped in the dark, empty plane of cyber space. Christopher decided his job here was done and headed out blowing up any electrical appliances they could find on route.

Meanwhile the rest of the group tried to work out what to do. They found the outline of a door on the floor and seeing no other way to continue went through, they found themselves in the misty dream place and decided to leave quickly, especially once the voices started up again. They found a dream and pushed on into it. The group found themselves in some kind of romantic Mediterranean villa style place. Sunset was coming and the balcony looked out over a tranquil bay where boats cut the water. A couple stood on the balcony looking at one another lovingly. Johnny recognized one of the figures as his sister though appearing older. They quickly made it out of the dream through the roots of a tree stood on the balcony. The group pushed on towards the light before exploding back into the real world through Marie. She had been sitting with Tom very close under a tree in the school grounds but this picturesque moment was abruptly shattered by the arrival of a giant teddy bear, tiny fairy, impossibly liong scarf (who was wondering if he’d done something wrong in a past existence for the amount of staining he was going through) and three filthy and bedraggled humans who all landed in a heap on Tom…


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