Ms. Madeline's School for the Gifted and Talented

Chapter 4 - A Sticky Situation

After last time Miss Austen Brooke was wondering why Miss AUten had asked her to remain behind after class. As it turned out she simply wanted to offer a book since she seemed interested in reading. Brooke noticed Miss Austen slipping something inside the cover but decided not to question it. Outside Alexa was waiting for her, she seemed quite deranged and despite Brooke trying to be reasonable stormed off complaining in Russian.

Meanwhile the wherabouts of Christopher were revealed. He’d falled through some kind of trap door into the warren of underground tunnels under the school. He wandered for a while longer before finding a door, which he opened. Inside was a strange black room with channels cut into the floor. He worked out that they seemed to form a strange pentagranm like shape and decided to leave quickly, heading through a door in the opposite wall finding a flight of stairs leading up he began walking. Eventually at the top he found a wooden wall which he used the symphony to blast apart. He stepped out into Miss MAdeline’s office and he decided to start searching the room with the help of the symphony’s powers, he looked through some files of old students and had begun opening a drawer in the desk when Mr Byte walked in. He forced Christopher to accompany him before locking him inside his Ipad.

Meanwhile the Geography class began well, yeah no it didn’t Miss Dyrection continued to bully Brooke every opportunity she got before lapsing into some strange fixation over Polar bears causing global warming. This in the end led to Johnny leaving citing feeling ill and Miss Dyrection wanting to see Brooke after the class. Everyone left hurriedly leaving them alone. Miss Dyrection wrote out a note then led Brooke over to the main building to Miss Madeline’s office. BY the time they arrived there Christopher had already been taken away by Mr Byte and all the damage in the office seemed repaired. Miss Madeline dismissed M?iss Dyrection casually and looking vaguely disappointed she slunk off. Miss Madeline sat down and begun to talk to Brooke being generally pleasant, offering her turkish delight (Her favourite) and as Miss Madeline talked ideas began to make there way into Brooke’s head not entirely her own.

Johnny had meanwhile gone to the medical bay and had decided on finding no one there to begin swiping all the equipment and pills that he could. Looking in the blood bag box he found that as well as these there were various organs stored in there as well, despite being majorly creeped out Johnny took them too and bagged them up before heading back towards his room. Upon getting there he began transferring it all intoanother bag to hide up the chimney. At this point his new room mate (Brooke’s younger Brother called Tom)
arrived to see his future room mate holding various organs. Obviosuly he began to freak out. Johnny managed to stop him from leaving getting between him and the door and tried calm him down unsuccessfully so he slumped downand began rocking backwards and forwards. Johnny heard another voice in the corridor and through himself at the still open door, slamming into whoever was trying to come in. In the process the brain bag was dropped and cranial fluids and brain splattered across the floor. There was a squeal and a yelp and Johnny heard his sister outside. She pushed inside and seemed concerned with Tom’s state. Brooke finished talking to Miss Madeline and left with a desire for dresses and being nice to other people. Craig ran into her as she was crossing the quad and they began heading towards their rooms. Meanwhile Chris had decided the best way out of this place was to use his Dream travel power to escape. He drew a door on the “floor” of the weird cyber space he was in. He went through the door and found himself in a misty place where occasionally silvery bubbles with images in would rise out of the floor or sink back into the featureless misty floor. Voices began talking behind his ear asking who he was and what he was doing whispery voices that didn’t sound friendly. He decided to leave quickly jumping into a dream at random, ending up in somekind of weird red place he attacked around him as the voices followed him. Meanwhile Tom suddenly came to his feet swinging randomly as Marie was bending over him she got hit hard for the second time in a few minutes. Johnny grabbed the baseball bat he’d been hit with before by Mark. Brooke and Craig came in to their building to hear the commotion, Craig wanted no part of it and went into his room. Brooke headed for the door, at this moment Christopher was vomited out of Tommy’s mouth along with copious amounts of vomit and red liquid over Johnny and Marie Johnny took a wild swing and smacked christopher as he was flying through the air. This was the point thaty Brooke walked in and Mandy began coming down the corrior to investigate. There was a short fight in which Mandy stopped Christopher from slinking off and Sir Hugsalot tried to stop it all deteriorating, Brooke grabbed JOhnny and (because she was feeling extra apecial nice) didn’t give his face a lovely new dent. Instead she just informed him that if he ever touched her brother again he was dead meat.

Mandy decided the whole incident was not worth her time so hushed it up whilst they cleaned up and took Tom to medical befoe they headed over to lunch. Brooke felt the compulsion from somewhere to clean herself up and put on the only dress she owned (one that she generally loathed). This caused many side long glances at dinner. Craig was called to sit with the cool kids whilst Chris sat on his own. Brooke and Johnny both planned to sit with their siblings who then sat together leading to an awkward conversation.

Meanwhile the monsters all conspiratorially slipped away. Craig and Christopher followed whilst Johnny tried get rise out of Brooke who walked away noes in the air. They caught up with the monsters as they entered the secret tunnel in the library, following them further with a light on his phone they found the monsters all clustered around the rat child nest that Craig had found before. Bowzo was saying that he could no longer feel Brooke as strongly, she was becoming empty like where the rat children were. They resolved to do something about this. Once they had broken back out of the tunnel they headed for the dorms and came busrsting in on Johnny as they were looking for Brooke. Confused he followed as the whole mob of them descended on Brooke outside Bowzo wrapped round her to prevent her getting away before Sir Hugsalot dunked her along with Craig. A water fight ensued where no one was spared even Tom and Marie who were sitting innocently on a nearby bench . Drppping wet Brooke came back to herself as they sat giggling in the wrecked fountain a snarky Russian Voice cut in…


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