Ms. Madeline's School for the Gifted and Talented

Chapter 3 - A Byte of Trouble

After the scrap near the monster fighting arena everyone began to gather up to go to their meeting with their individual tutors. Brooke went and met Miss Dyrection who questioned her over her past criminal record not creating an exactly warm fuzzy relationship between the two. Mr Crufts and Craig met for a brief and intensely awkward meeting whilst Johnny went and spent some time in the medical area. He ended up stealing a bunch of pills and finding a bunch of blood bags in a refrigerator before heading to have his meeting with Miss Austen who was very confused as to what the term “Junkies” meant and gave him a report in a sealed envelope to look over later.

Also both Brooke and Johnny discovered that their younger siblings would be sent to the school the following day. Tom would be staying in Johnny’s room and Marie would be staying with Brooke. Dinner was a strange affair with labelled plates and a few more strange hallucinations…

The group headed back to their rooms to find the head girl leaning on the outside of the building smoking and they had a quick conversation with her which while not entirely positive mostly came down to her telling them she didn’t want them causing her any problems. They headed inside at which point Johnny found a nasty surprise waiting for him in the form of Mr Byte wanting to know why he’d broken curfew he was told that as he had a desire to stay out late he could stay out all night in a tent. He went out and set up the tent and was then told that his curfew had been made earlier and that he should not leave the tent for the rest of the night. After a number of cat and mouse run around with Mr Byte Johnny managed to escape off to the “Common Room” with Pixerella. Brooke read up on the school rules whilst Craig went for a little adventure. He and Sir Hugsalot headed back to the library and began checking for secret doors. They found one and quickly slipped inside as they heard an approaching sound. Mr Crufts entered the library, pried up a loose floor board and took out a bag which he then left with. Craig checked out the hidden compartment and found nothing left so decided to explore the passage he found. It led off into the dark and SIr Hugsalot went first scanning the walls with his super vision. They came to a fork and took the left hand turning and begun climbing higher into the house. Behind the passage began to close up behind them, Craig found a small child sized nest filled with scraps. The walls began to close in faster and faster and sir Hugsalot began punching his way through the brick work, eventually he hit a membrane like material that began to impede his passage. Suddenly it gave way and like a cork in a bottle Craig and Sir Hugsalot flew through air and landed with a bump on Sir Hugsalot’s bouncy body in the “Common Room”. Henry Wakes brought “Craigmeister” into the circle of him and his cronies and began plying him with drinks to hear his stories before it descending into Henry trying to advance his own position.

Johnny and Craig returned to the dorms with Johnny using Pix’s tiny body to sneak down the chimney where Mr Byte was waiting for them he trapped them in an Ipad for running away again before releasing them again the following morning. After Brekfast the first English lesson was had. Brooke made an insulting comment to her “lovely” lab partner Alexa who gave her a look to show that she was not pleased. The Miss Austen asked for some words with Brooke after class.


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