Tag: Student


  • Henry Wakes

    The School head boy and centre of a large group of hangers on and fan girls. Personality: Calm, enjoys being the focus of attention

  • Arthur "Arty" Hart

    The school Fixer, dealer and wheeler. He always has what you need whether you knew you needed it or not. Comments: The guy who knows everyone and can get everyone what they want but always for a price that Favours Arty. He deals in everything from …

  • Johnny Davis

    Family: Parents Bert (52) and Margaret (49) both work as consultants managing factories in third world countries (specialising in suppressing trade unionists and local socialist politicians to ensure that sweatshop labour remains as cheap as possible for …

  • Brooke Armstrong

    Family: Gerald (Deceased) & Mary Armstrong - Parents, Thomas - Younger Brother Brooke has had an interesting life. Since losing her father at age 6 she has experienced loss and depression on a regular basis, with her mother being an absent parent and …

  • Alexa Karstofska

    Personality: Manipulative and demanding, Favourite Things: Other People doing things for her Comments: Daughter of a Russian Oil Baron but brought up in England. Often recruits a "Sidekick" to work for her but bullies horribly.