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    A Game of Monsters and Other Childish Things set in modern England. The Children are a group of Secondary school students who have been transferred to Ms. Madeline's School for gifted and talented Youngsters, a Boarding school in Dartmoor.

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    [[School Rules]] [[Staff Room]] [[Layout of the School]] [[Little Fiddlington]]

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    Staff List: Ms. Madeline Personal Tutor for: Mr Byte Personal Tutor for: Miss Dyrection Personal Tutor for: Mr Cruft Personal Tutor for: Miss Austen Personal Tutor for: Mrs Morris Personal Tutor for:

  • School Rules

    *School Rules* -All Students shall be in their rooms by 21:00 and no noise by 22:00 -All Students shall remain on School Premises at all times unless given leave by a member of staff -Several areas of the school are entirely out of bounds these are …