Ms. Madeline's School for the Gifted and Talented

Chapter 5 - Throw Downs

The group turned to see a five people who did not look like they were there to invite them to a barn Dance. Alexa, MArk , Jack from Essex and two others whom they knew vaguely as Jack’s friends Lawrence and Hugh. They’re monsters were there in full force looking ugly as sin and spoiling for a fight. Alexa had her Mannequin, The Hag-on-the-Hill was with Mark “Champ” there was Spike with Jack from Essex, The Queen Insect with Lawrence and Hugh had The Black Lizard. Other kids were swarming in to watch and Henry had called out his monster Alfonse an electrical tiger (one might even say a thunder cat) who was helping him project his voice for the commnetary. Christopher was offered a chance to back out of the fight but refused. The fight got messy quickly The symphony and Bowzo were close to bottling out near the end and both Pix and Sir HUgsalot were not in great shape. But at the end they were triumphant Sir Hugsalot had wrecked Spike and the Black Lizard thoroughly with help from the symphony, the symphony had single handed (music with hands?!?) taken down the insect Queen Mark was a blubbing wreck on the floor as Johnny threw insult after insult at him. Alexa was the only one to escape after her and Brooke had basically traded but with no allies left she quit while she could only getting a small chunk torn out by Bowzo.

Unfortunately in the middle of their victory the teachers swept in and silence rippled out till all the childrne were silent. Ms. Madeline looked furious and ordered everyone involved to be taken in to her office. The recumbant forms of their opponnts were brought round. Henry tried to slip off but Ms. Madleine rounded on him and dragged him along too. Mandy was also fetched and the players briefly filled her in. The players were made to wait outside the office whislt the others went in. Mr Byte stayed outside with them from inside they heard raised voices as each of them were shouted at in turn. Eventually they all trouped back out and were led off with Mrs Morris without speaking. The players then trouped in and were gestured to seats. Miss Direction was leaning in one corner smirking. After haranguing them in particular Johnny and Brooke at Miss Dyrection’s occasional input. Johnny being the mouty little so and so that he is continued to answer back and challenge Ms. Madeline. She finally got irritated and took a small doll made of hessian and with buttons for eyes. In her other hand she had a needle and begn to thread it through where the mouth would be on the doll. Johnny felt the pain as the doll did as Ms. Madeline pinned the doll’s mouth shut. After a brief further staring contest. Ms. Madeline told them that she could not let this go unpunished whether or not they had simply been defending themselves. They would need to do a few days hard work in the kitchen. Mr Byte led them out as Ms. Madleine began to delicately remove the pins from the doll’s face. Mr Byte locked them in a small broom cupboard whilst he went to organise they’re work in the kitchen. The players began to talk amongst themslves and had just decided to leave before MR Byte came back when smoke bgan pouring in through the key hole. Sir Hugsalot smashed the door apart on Craigs order at whic the smoke gave a cry of pain and began to coalese into the form of Miss Austen. Whilst indignant at being punched she briefly explained that she was a ghost of the Jane AUsten who had lived in the 18th century, Chistopher bgan shaking like a leaf but Miss Austen led them quickly to the rooms she had been given where she outline the fact that there was no escape from the school nt even for a ghost. She was bound here by Ms Madeline. If they simply ran they would get a few miles beyond Little Fiddlington before simply coming back around the other way again. She answered questions from the party saying that Ms. Madeline, Mack and Mr Crufts were all flesh and blood though Ms. Madeline was weird. Mrs Morris she hadn’t seen enough but she was the one who made concoctions for the cup cakes. Mr Byte and Miss Dyrection were the ones who were not human though she didn’t understand what they were though she could tell they weren’t dead like the people of Little Fiddlington who were simply murderous ghosts.

Craig suggested that they should take down one of Mr. byte or Miss Dyrection as they seemed to be Ms. Madeline’s closest comaptriots and hope that if they took them out they knew some way of getting inforation to get them out. They settled on Mr. Byte because well he was a massive jerk. They guessed he’d be in the kitchen organising they’re punishment so the group set off. The school seemed quiet as they ppassed through before the ntercom came on. Ms. Madeline said that all students could have the rest of the day off in Little Fiddlignton but not to get into trouble. The group arrived at the kitchen and inspected the only door in found it was a locked vault door, more at home in a bank than a school. They were just debating getting Sir Hugsalot to wrench the door off when the door swung ponderously open. A smell of rotting meat and old custard came rolling out and Mr Byte was stood their. immediately Sir Hugsalot went in a swatted him down. Over the next few rounds more and more electrical equipment from security cameras to Chris’ phone came online and began attacking them the cameras fired lasers and others tried to draw them into cyber space. Mr Byte disitergrated under Mr Hugslaots attacks, spewing what looked like code and within a minute reappeared from a nearby electrical device. Brooke rushed into the kitchen as the Symphony sonic boomed the roof to destroy the cameras and Mr Byte appeared inside the kitchen. He brought cookers and Fridges online. Inside a horde of Zombies and a giant blob of custard whaled on Brooke and Bowzo and though they wrecked a large number of the zombie chefs she ended up pinned to a nearby wall, suffocating in custard much to Bowzo’s disgust. Pix got bonked by a vending machine firing cans of soda before she flew inside and buzz sawed her way out with one flick of her dainty locks. As more things came under his control Mr Byte seemed to get faster and stronger so Sir Hugsalot rather than smashing him for the fifth time fell back blocking only to be set on fire by the cookers. The symphony aimed for the room’s junction block blowing it up and cutting power to the room, the machinery went still and Mr Byte disintegrated again. The Custard Blob was still going though, between it and the zombies they were still causing problems, Pix, the Symphony and Sir Hugsalot battered it with various attacks whilst Sir Hugsalot rescued Brooke from the custard, Johnny began trying to eat it with a spoon…

The custard raised itself and came slamming down on to Christopher slamming him to floor and finishing itself in the process. The group collected themselves together, Brooke still wearing her very stained pink dress and tried to clean off the clingy custard. They came to the conclusion that Mr Byte must have headed back to his rooms and had some kind of server up there.

They broke into his room together . Inside was what appeared to be a compute from a rabid gamer’s wildest dreams, imagine if you stuck 40 glowy green stacks together and you get the picture. The symphony and Christopher stayed by the door throwing out sonic booms, whilst the others beat on the super computer, trashing a large amount of it. Craig was the only one to look up in time to see a massive TV screen come to life before they were sucked up towards it and into cyber space, Mr Byte’s home turf, all apart from Christopher who had stayed back in the door. The group found themselves in cyber space where Mr Byte began to monologue at him all the group but Craig jumped him to distract him whilst Craig attempted to hack the system, he gained access and administrator privileges, he quickly swiped a number of files and begun to prepare to reprogram Mr Byte, he started by taking away his administrator privileges and stripping him off his powers. The playing field was levelled noticeably and Johnny, Brooke, Bowzo and Pix brought him down his arm came off and spiraled of into pieces of code as he bled more code from the nose.

Meanwhile Christopher continued firing sonic booms wrecking the floor and the machine which proved to be a massive distraction and the real generators were in neighboring rooms that had to be accessed by the now floor less entry room. Peeved, Christopher turned his sonic booms on the screen obliterating it and cutting its power till it fell. Inside Cyber space Mr Byte screamed a horrible scream, one echoed by Craig as they were both still connected to cyber space as Christopher destroyed it. Craig was permanently brain damaged by the experience whilst Mr Byte began to break apart. Johnny let his psychotic side show hacking at Mr Byte’s neck the head continued to scream as he held it up and collapsed in on itself finally leaving the group trapped in the dark, empty plane of cyber space. Christopher decided his job here was done and headed out blowing up any electrical appliances they could find on route.

Meanwhile the rest of the group tried to work out what to do. They found the outline of a door on the floor and seeing no other way to continue went through, they found themselves in the misty dream place and decided to leave quickly, especially once the voices started up again. They found a dream and pushed on into it. The group found themselves in some kind of romantic Mediterranean villa style place. Sunset was coming and the balcony looked out over a tranquil bay where boats cut the water. A couple stood on the balcony looking at one another lovingly. Johnny recognized one of the figures as his sister though appearing older. They quickly made it out of the dream through the roots of a tree stood on the balcony. The group pushed on towards the light before exploding back into the real world through Marie. She had been sitting with Tom very close under a tree in the school grounds but this picturesque moment was abruptly shattered by the arrival of a giant teddy bear, tiny fairy, impossibly liong scarf (who was wondering if he’d done something wrong in a past existence for the amount of staining he was going through) and three filthy and bedraggled humans who all landed in a heap on Tom…

Chapter 4 - A Sticky Situation

After last time Miss Austen Brooke was wondering why Miss AUten had asked her to remain behind after class. As it turned out she simply wanted to offer a book since she seemed interested in reading. Brooke noticed Miss Austen slipping something inside the cover but decided not to question it. Outside Alexa was waiting for her, she seemed quite deranged and despite Brooke trying to be reasonable stormed off complaining in Russian.

Meanwhile the wherabouts of Christopher were revealed. He’d falled through some kind of trap door into the warren of underground tunnels under the school. He wandered for a while longer before finding a door, which he opened. Inside was a strange black room with channels cut into the floor. He worked out that they seemed to form a strange pentagranm like shape and decided to leave quickly, heading through a door in the opposite wall finding a flight of stairs leading up he began walking. Eventually at the top he found a wooden wall which he used the symphony to blast apart. He stepped out into Miss MAdeline’s office and he decided to start searching the room with the help of the symphony’s powers, he looked through some files of old students and had begun opening a drawer in the desk when Mr Byte walked in. He forced Christopher to accompany him before locking him inside his Ipad.

Meanwhile the Geography class began well, yeah no it didn’t Miss Dyrection continued to bully Brooke every opportunity she got before lapsing into some strange fixation over Polar bears causing global warming. This in the end led to Johnny leaving citing feeling ill and Miss Dyrection wanting to see Brooke after the class. Everyone left hurriedly leaving them alone. Miss Dyrection wrote out a note then led Brooke over to the main building to Miss Madeline’s office. BY the time they arrived there Christopher had already been taken away by Mr Byte and all the damage in the office seemed repaired. Miss Madeline dismissed M?iss Dyrection casually and looking vaguely disappointed she slunk off. Miss Madeline sat down and begun to talk to Brooke being generally pleasant, offering her turkish delight (Her favourite) and as Miss Madeline talked ideas began to make there way into Brooke’s head not entirely her own.

Johnny had meanwhile gone to the medical bay and had decided on finding no one there to begin swiping all the equipment and pills that he could. Looking in the blood bag box he found that as well as these there were various organs stored in there as well, despite being majorly creeped out Johnny took them too and bagged them up before heading back towards his room. Upon getting there he began transferring it all intoanother bag to hide up the chimney. At this point his new room mate (Brooke’s younger Brother called Tom)
arrived to see his future room mate holding various organs. Obviosuly he began to freak out. Johnny managed to stop him from leaving getting between him and the door and tried calm him down unsuccessfully so he slumped downand began rocking backwards and forwards. Johnny heard another voice in the corridor and through himself at the still open door, slamming into whoever was trying to come in. In the process the brain bag was dropped and cranial fluids and brain splattered across the floor. There was a squeal and a yelp and Johnny heard his sister outside. She pushed inside and seemed concerned with Tom’s state. Brooke finished talking to Miss Madeline and left with a desire for dresses and being nice to other people. Craig ran into her as she was crossing the quad and they began heading towards their rooms. Meanwhile Chris had decided the best way out of this place was to use his Dream travel power to escape. He drew a door on the “floor” of the weird cyber space he was in. He went through the door and found himself in a misty place where occasionally silvery bubbles with images in would rise out of the floor or sink back into the featureless misty floor. Voices began talking behind his ear asking who he was and what he was doing whispery voices that didn’t sound friendly. He decided to leave quickly jumping into a dream at random, ending up in somekind of weird red place he attacked around him as the voices followed him. Meanwhile Tom suddenly came to his feet swinging randomly as Marie was bending over him she got hit hard for the second time in a few minutes. Johnny grabbed the baseball bat he’d been hit with before by Mark. Brooke and Craig came in to their building to hear the commotion, Craig wanted no part of it and went into his room. Brooke headed for the door, at this moment Christopher was vomited out of Tommy’s mouth along with copious amounts of vomit and red liquid over Johnny and Marie Johnny took a wild swing and smacked christopher as he was flying through the air. This was the point thaty Brooke walked in and Mandy began coming down the corrior to investigate. There was a short fight in which Mandy stopped Christopher from slinking off and Sir Hugsalot tried to stop it all deteriorating, Brooke grabbed JOhnny and (because she was feeling extra apecial nice) didn’t give his face a lovely new dent. Instead she just informed him that if he ever touched her brother again he was dead meat.

Mandy decided the whole incident was not worth her time so hushed it up whilst they cleaned up and took Tom to medical befoe they headed over to lunch. Brooke felt the compulsion from somewhere to clean herself up and put on the only dress she owned (one that she generally loathed). This caused many side long glances at dinner. Craig was called to sit with the cool kids whilst Chris sat on his own. Brooke and Johnny both planned to sit with their siblings who then sat together leading to an awkward conversation.

Meanwhile the monsters all conspiratorially slipped away. Craig and Christopher followed whilst Johnny tried get rise out of Brooke who walked away noes in the air. They caught up with the monsters as they entered the secret tunnel in the library, following them further with a light on his phone they found the monsters all clustered around the rat child nest that Craig had found before. Bowzo was saying that he could no longer feel Brooke as strongly, she was becoming empty like where the rat children were. They resolved to do something about this. Once they had broken back out of the tunnel they headed for the dorms and came busrsting in on Johnny as they were looking for Brooke. Confused he followed as the whole mob of them descended on Brooke outside Bowzo wrapped round her to prevent her getting away before Sir Hugsalot dunked her along with Craig. A water fight ensued where no one was spared even Tom and Marie who were sitting innocently on a nearby bench . Drppping wet Brooke came back to herself as they sat giggling in the wrecked fountain a snarky Russian Voice cut in…

Chapter 3 - A Byte of Trouble

After the scrap near the monster fighting arena everyone began to gather up to go to their meeting with their individual tutors. Brooke went and met Miss Dyrection who questioned her over her past criminal record not creating an exactly warm fuzzy relationship between the two. Mr Crufts and Craig met for a brief and intensely awkward meeting whilst Johnny went and spent some time in the medical area. He ended up stealing a bunch of pills and finding a bunch of blood bags in a refrigerator before heading to have his meeting with Miss Austen who was very confused as to what the term “Junkies” meant and gave him a report in a sealed envelope to look over later.

Also both Brooke and Johnny discovered that their younger siblings would be sent to the school the following day. Tom would be staying in Johnny’s room and Marie would be staying with Brooke. Dinner was a strange affair with labelled plates and a few more strange hallucinations…

The group headed back to their rooms to find the head girl leaning on the outside of the building smoking and they had a quick conversation with her which while not entirely positive mostly came down to her telling them she didn’t want them causing her any problems. They headed inside at which point Johnny found a nasty surprise waiting for him in the form of Mr Byte wanting to know why he’d broken curfew he was told that as he had a desire to stay out late he could stay out all night in a tent. He went out and set up the tent and was then told that his curfew had been made earlier and that he should not leave the tent for the rest of the night. After a number of cat and mouse run around with Mr Byte Johnny managed to escape off to the “Common Room” with Pixerella. Brooke read up on the school rules whilst Craig went for a little adventure. He and Sir Hugsalot headed back to the library and began checking for secret doors. They found one and quickly slipped inside as they heard an approaching sound. Mr Crufts entered the library, pried up a loose floor board and took out a bag which he then left with. Craig checked out the hidden compartment and found nothing left so decided to explore the passage he found. It led off into the dark and SIr Hugsalot went first scanning the walls with his super vision. They came to a fork and took the left hand turning and begun climbing higher into the house. Behind the passage began to close up behind them, Craig found a small child sized nest filled with scraps. The walls began to close in faster and faster and sir Hugsalot began punching his way through the brick work, eventually he hit a membrane like material that began to impede his passage. Suddenly it gave way and like a cork in a bottle Craig and Sir Hugsalot flew through air and landed with a bump on Sir Hugsalot’s bouncy body in the “Common Room”. Henry Wakes brought “Craigmeister” into the circle of him and his cronies and began plying him with drinks to hear his stories before it descending into Henry trying to advance his own position.

Johnny and Craig returned to the dorms with Johnny using Pix’s tiny body to sneak down the chimney where Mr Byte was waiting for them he trapped them in an Ipad for running away again before releasing them again the following morning. After Brekfast the first English lesson was had. Brooke made an insulting comment to her “lovely” lab partner Alexa who gave her a look to show that she was not pleased. The Miss Austen asked for some words with Brooke after class.

Chapter 2 - Teddy Bears and Picnics

Play reopened with foot steps proceeding down the corridor from where the gun shots last time originated. The foot steps came to a slow stop outside of Room 1 where Craig and Christopher were sat waiting. Mr Byte the Maths teacher entered and proceeded to explain that he had been dealing with some of the school vermin and that they should not worry any further. He also asked as to the whereabouts of Johnny before then leaving.

Johnny began making his way back from the party though the night seemed much scarier on his own as the originally neat grass seemed to grow to waist height and yellow eyes seemed to circle him but Pix turned up in time to dispel his fears and get him back to his room where he found the whole wall had been plastered with a huge variety of mirrors from compacts to full length mirrors which Pixerella claimed were so you could see her anywhere in the room.Craig and Chris came and explained what had happened before they all went to bed.

Next day it dawned rainy and windy so it was with great enthusiasm that the group made their way to PE. Most of their class seemed to also share this view but Mark “Champ” Crosse was raring to go with much whooping and yeahing. Mister Cruft also seemed excited and jovial taking the group off on a 3 mile run to the top of a nearby hill. It was wet windy, muddy, horrible and the ground was treacherous. As the last person struggled over the top of the top off the hill, Mr Crufts was already waiting though Mark seemed put out that the weedy little Craig had managed to out run him and arrive first shortly followed by Brooke. The new members of the class were then forced to make the short jump to a nearby stack of rock as part of “tradition” which all the players but Chris attempted who instead just used his monster power to look like he did it. Everyone then began running back down the treacherous slope as fast as possible for no particularly discernible reason. Craig stopped to try find out why and found a large paw print in the mud at the top of the hill at which point he decided he really didn’t want to stick around anymore and sprinted off down the hill. Chris(topher!) came in last and found out why everyone had been running as he was then given the dirty kit to clean.

Johnny nearly started a fight with Mark after being sarcastic to him but ended up walking away with Pix flipping him off. Next class was science where the group were each paired off with a partner. Brooke with Alexa Karstofska, Johnny with Craig and Chris(topher!) with Amy – the resident Goth girl. They spent the class running an experiment but at the end of the class the players were all invited to a tea party by Mrs Morris the science teacher so that she could get to know them better The players agreed and had a free hour before this little tea party. Craig went to the library which he found to be quite homely whilst Christopher took the kit to get washed and Johnny went with Arty to meet Princess .

Anyway picnic had some very good cakes, quite a few awkward moments and was topped off by hallucinations all round. Johnny seemed worst affected as he seemed to think that all the furniture was out to get him as it had grown hairy feet. He ran off into the middle of the plaza and stood in the rain till he realised that the statue he was standing by was changing, its feet seemed to be growing bigger and hairier so he ran towards the “Common Room”. Meanwhile Christopher saw the reflections in the glass of the school building all start turning towards him and winking at him. His scream came out supersonic with the help of the symphony unknowable which also struck Sir Hugsalot and Craig who were standing nearby. A monster throw down nearly happened but Mrs Morris came out of her class room with Brooke and told Craig, Sir Hugsalot, Christopher and the Symphony off for not getting Johnny to the school nurse. Freaked out about the fact that she could see and name their monsters they all took off after Johnny.

Johnny had found more trouble as Mark was waiting for him and his monster, Hag-on-the-Hill began laying the smack down. He hair lengthened exponentially and wrapped itself around Johnny and begun draining his life force whilst sending a murder of crows to attack Pixerella, Mark laid in as well beating on JOhnny with a cricket bat. Things looked a little ropey but then Sir Hugsalot arrived with Craig, Brooke and Christopher trailing a little. The fight quickly swung in the players favour and the Hag and Mark beat a quick retreat…

Chapter 1 - Wheels on the Bus

On a windy, cloudy day in September, four children stood under a bus shelter just as it looked like it might begin raining with all the gusto of a St. Bernard’s scenting sausages. Before long a gleaming yellow bus rolled to a stop in front of them and the driver climbed out. Whilst stowing the bags little Chris’ parents gave him a last tearful goodbye before the bus lurched into motion towards Dartmoor.

A steely silence ensued only broken a few times when the various monsters became bored and began to make mischief. Pixerella attempted to make herself focus of attention and Chris beginning to freak out being as he was unaware that his monster was anything more than music. A short scuffle ensued which resulted in Craig’s hand’s morphing into giant bear paws and slapping the camera down the bus. Shortly afterwards they trundled through the nearby village of Little Fiddlington and up to the school’s grounds.

Upon arriving at the school they were taken to meet Ms. Madeline in her office, she laid out her series of firm rules and requirements of the students before they were sent off to their dorms to see where they’d be staying. Craig and Chris were thrilled to find that they’d be sharing a room whilst Brooke and Johnny got a separate room for now. Brooke went for a wander and met a kid called Arty who was quite interested in Bowzo and suggested that she should head don to the “Common Room” later. At dinner the group sat with Arty who chatted amiably before they and most of the other students headed over to the “Common Room”.

The so called common room turned out to be a large dip in the ground in which the skeletal remains of greenhouses stood. Between the trees were strung tarpaulins and blankets to provide cover for where the crudely added lighting through dim luminescence everywhere. The ground was littered with Old Bottles and on occasion needles.

Craig (meister) was convinced into being the first to show case his monster in the arena of electrified Greenhouses. Mr Hugs Alot horrifically mauled the other worm/scorpion thing and was paraded around much to his embarrassment. Johnny spent time as the social butterfly getting on relatively well with the older students who had begun they’re hard partying after the first few fights.

Brooke, Chris and Craig (meister) headed back to their dorms where a strange thing happened… a kid in dirty torn trousers and a rat mask skulked down the corridor drawing a knife along the wall till at sound of gun shots it fled…

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