The Symphony Unknowable


Way to Hide
Becomes background noise played out of speakers or hummed by passers by.

Favourite Thing
-Appreciative Audience
-Being Played
-Musical Experimentation

1-2 Seismic Sonata 5D Attacks [Create Shockwaves], Tough x1, Area x2, Awesome x2

3-5 Waltz in Terra Cognita 8D Useful [Cause Object to Resonate], Useful [Change People’s Emotions], Useful [Control anything that plays audio], Tough x1, Awesome x2, Sharing, Defends [Wall of Sound]

6-7 Minuet in Experimental Art house Electro Jazz 5D, Useful [Enter Dreamworld], Useful [Change Someone’s Perception], Tough 1, Awesome 2, Sharing.

8-10 Aggressive Allegro 10D, Attacks [Music Tears through Minds], Tough 1, Gnarly 2, Spray, Wicked Fast 1.


The Symphony Unknowable

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