Johnny Davis


While not massively athletic, Johnny is generally quick enough to get out of trouble. He will often just wander off and do whatever he feels like, which is how he got a fairy tattoo whilst on French exchange – for some reason that was the only one they would do.
Average height and slim build. He’s pretty good at building random stuff, coming up with pranks and charming his way through trouble.

Feet 3
Dodging +2
Kicking +0
PE +1

Guts 2
Courage +3
Wind +0
Wrestling +0

Hands 2
Blocking +0
Punching +0
Shop +3

Brains 4
Out Think +2
Remember +1
Notice +1

Face 4
Charm +2
Connive +3
Putdown +2

Relationship: Parents (1), Annoying Little Sis (3), Pixerella


Family: Parents Bert (52) and Margaret (49) both work as consultants managing factories in third world countries (specialising in suppressing trade unionists and local socialist politicians to ensure that sweatshop labour remains as cheap as possible for their clients). They are often working overseas or in late night conference calls and rarely have time for Johnny (15) or his younger sister, Marie (10 3/4) and usually just hope that giving them money will keep them sufficiently occupied (it usually is). They hope that their children will become lawyers or management consultants.
Every week his parents take their children to the local village church and make sure they look like a perfect and respectable family for an hour.

Johnny Davis

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