Brooke Armstrong

A Do-er, not a Thinker.


Brooke is a slim girl of taller average height with cropped blonde hair in a boyish style. She wears faded torn clothing that have a more scruffy style than that of other kids, tending to be more practical than trendy. She seems to reliably have a scratch and a a couple of bruises somewhere. Small scars and nicks dot her face. She tends to have a scarf round her neck at most times, no matter the weather and always wears a Power Ranger badge.

Feet 4: PE 4, kicking 0, dodging 3
Guts 3: wind 2, courage 3, wrestling 3
Hands 4: shop 0, punching 0, blocking 2, a harmless bit of B&E 2
Brains 4: out-think 1, remember 0, notice 2
Face 2: charm 0, put down 0, connive 0

Mother 1, Tom (brother) 3, Bowzo


Family: Gerald (Deceased) & Mary Armstrong – Parents, Thomas – Younger Brother

Brooke has had an interesting life. Since losing her father at age 6 she has experienced loss and depression on a regular basis, with her mother being an absent parent and having to care for her young brother. Because of this she has to be strong for him and tries to follow the family motto, “Remain unconquered”, and has a fierce independence coupled with a premature maturity.

She gets into frequently scraps defending her brother from bullies and escaping some of her own, but she never starts any. As a bit of a tom-boy she enjoys climbing trees and playing outside with Tommy. She is loyal and honest, although she has on occasion had to cross the line to provide for Tommy.

Brooke prefers to take action, rather than stand around doing nothing. She hasn’t garnered much trust from those around her, them believing her to be a delinquent and her doing nothing to persuade them otherwise. She can’t relate to adults and despite knowing the reason her mother has to work later every year is to help support Brooke and Tommy, she just can’t bring herself to forgive her mother. This resentment bleeds into her interacts with other adults and children too making her seem more hostile than she intends.

Being naturally bright, she can think through things if she is motivated but has found that school and other intellectual pursuits have taken a back seat to making sure she and Tommy have a good meal and can enjoy their childhood while it lasts.

A Power Ranger badge given to her by Tommy and chocolate coated turkish delight, it reminds her of her father.

She projects a confident mask for Tommy but is cripplingly frightened of the possibility of ever letting him or other people she cares about down when they need it most. Abandoning her friends and family is the worst thing she could do to them in her mind.

Brooke Armstrong

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