A Ragged Razor Scarf


Bowzo (b-oh-z-o) is a ridiculously long sentient scarf full of devilish cheek. He loves Brooke and can’t stand to see her sad or serious for too long. He changes colour based on what Brooke wears and either compliments or clashes with her clothes dependent on his mood. He is quite worn from constant use and is littered with gemstones which he can see from. He has the occasional chocolate stain and razor sharp tassels which he keeps hidden under his folds.

(1) Iridescent bejeweled blinkers (3d, Useful [can see through walls], Awesome x1, Sharing).

(2-4) Jagged tangled tassels (3d, Attacks, Awesome x1, Gnarly x4, Tough x4, Wicked Fast x3).

(5-8) Smothering stretchy colour-changing cashmere (8d, Attacks, Defends, Useful [chameleonic colour changing], Useful [constricts], Useful [can levitate], Awesome x2, Gnarly x2, Tough x4).

(9-10) Giant mummified fabric fists (5d, Attacks, Defends, Sharing, Tough x2, Wicked Fast x1).


A prankster. He enjoys nothing more than a bit of schadenfreude. He likes to trip people up and getting up to mischief. He spends most of his time wrapped around Brooke and enjoys being stroked.

He loves to squeezing things a bit too tightly and can often be bribed with stress balls. Thankfully he now knows not to squeeze Brooke.

DISLIKES: One thing he doesn’t like are anything sticky or sweet as it makes his fibres stick together and it takes forever to get it out. One of the only times that Bowzo won’t be around Brooke’s neck is when she’s eating her favourite snack, chocolate coated turkish delight. That never comes out.

Turn into a seemingly-normal scarf, either dropped on the floor or wrapped around Brooke’s neck.