Ms. Madeline's School for the Gifted and Talented

Chapter 2 - Teddy Bears and Picnics

Play reopened with foot steps proceeding down the corridor from where the gun shots last time originated. The foot steps came to a slow stop outside of Room 1 where Craig and Christopher were sat waiting. Mr Byte the Maths teacher entered and proceeded to explain that he had been dealing with some of the school vermin and that they should not worry any further. He also asked as to the whereabouts of Johnny before then leaving.

Johnny began making his way back from the party though the night seemed much scarier on his own as the originally neat grass seemed to grow to waist height and yellow eyes seemed to circle him but Pix turned up in time to dispel his fears and get him back to his room where he found the whole wall had been plastered with a huge variety of mirrors from compacts to full length mirrors which Pixerella claimed were so you could see her anywhere in the room.Craig and Chris came and explained what had happened before they all went to bed.

Next day it dawned rainy and windy so it was with great enthusiasm that the group made their way to PE. Most of their class seemed to also share this view but Mark “Champ” Crosse was raring to go with much whooping and yeahing. Mister Cruft also seemed excited and jovial taking the group off on a 3 mile run to the top of a nearby hill. It was wet windy, muddy, horrible and the ground was treacherous. As the last person struggled over the top of the top off the hill, Mr Crufts was already waiting though Mark seemed put out that the weedy little Craig had managed to out run him and arrive first shortly followed by Brooke. The new members of the class were then forced to make the short jump to a nearby stack of rock as part of “tradition” which all the players but Chris attempted who instead just used his monster power to look like he did it. Everyone then began running back down the treacherous slope as fast as possible for no particularly discernible reason. Craig stopped to try find out why and found a large paw print in the mud at the top of the hill at which point he decided he really didn’t want to stick around anymore and sprinted off down the hill. Chris(topher!) came in last and found out why everyone had been running as he was then given the dirty kit to clean.

Johnny nearly started a fight with Mark after being sarcastic to him but ended up walking away with Pix flipping him off. Next class was science where the group were each paired off with a partner. Brooke with Alexa Karstofska, Johnny with Craig and Chris(topher!) with Amy – the resident Goth girl. They spent the class running an experiment but at the end of the class the players were all invited to a tea party by Mrs Morris the science teacher so that she could get to know them better The players agreed and had a free hour before this little tea party. Craig went to the library which he found to be quite homely whilst Christopher took the kit to get washed and Johnny went with Arty to meet Princess .

Anyway picnic had some very good cakes, quite a few awkward moments and was topped off by hallucinations all round. Johnny seemed worst affected as he seemed to think that all the furniture was out to get him as it had grown hairy feet. He ran off into the middle of the plaza and stood in the rain till he realised that the statue he was standing by was changing, its feet seemed to be growing bigger and hairier so he ran towards the “Common Room”. Meanwhile Christopher saw the reflections in the glass of the school building all start turning towards him and winking at him. His scream came out supersonic with the help of the symphony unknowable which also struck Sir Hugsalot and Craig who were standing nearby. A monster throw down nearly happened but Mrs Morris came out of her class room with Brooke and told Craig, Sir Hugsalot, Christopher and the Symphony off for not getting Johnny to the school nurse. Freaked out about the fact that she could see and name their monsters they all took off after Johnny.

Johnny had found more trouble as Mark was waiting for him and his monster, Hag-on-the-Hill began laying the smack down. He hair lengthened exponentially and wrapped itself around Johnny and begun draining his life force whilst sending a murder of crows to attack Pixerella, Mark laid in as well beating on JOhnny with a cricket bat. Things looked a little ropey but then Sir Hugsalot arrived with Craig, Brooke and Christopher trailing a little. The fight quickly swung in the players favour and the Hag and Mark beat a quick retreat…


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