Ms. Madeline's School for the Gifted and Talented

Chapter 1 - Wheels on the Bus

On a windy, cloudy day in September, four children stood under a bus shelter just as it looked like it might begin raining with all the gusto of a St. Bernard’s scenting sausages. Before long a gleaming yellow bus rolled to a stop in front of them and the driver climbed out. Whilst stowing the bags little Chris’ parents gave him a last tearful goodbye before the bus lurched into motion towards Dartmoor.

A steely silence ensued only broken a few times when the various monsters became bored and began to make mischief. Pixerella attempted to make herself focus of attention and Chris beginning to freak out being as he was unaware that his monster was anything more than music. A short scuffle ensued which resulted in Craig’s hand’s morphing into giant bear paws and slapping the camera down the bus. Shortly afterwards they trundled through the nearby village of Little Fiddlington and up to the school’s grounds.

Upon arriving at the school they were taken to meet Ms. Madeline in her office, she laid out her series of firm rules and requirements of the students before they were sent off to their dorms to see where they’d be staying. Craig and Chris were thrilled to find that they’d be sharing a room whilst Brooke and Johnny got a separate room for now. Brooke went for a wander and met a kid called Arty who was quite interested in Bowzo and suggested that she should head don to the “Common Room” later. At dinner the group sat with Arty who chatted amiably before they and most of the other students headed over to the “Common Room”.

The so called common room turned out to be a large dip in the ground in which the skeletal remains of greenhouses stood. Between the trees were strung tarpaulins and blankets to provide cover for where the crudely added lighting through dim luminescence everywhere. The ground was littered with Old Bottles and on occasion needles.

Craig (meister) was convinced into being the first to show case his monster in the arena of electrified Greenhouses. Mr Hugs Alot horrifically mauled the other worm/scorpion thing and was paraded around much to his embarrassment. Johnny spent time as the social butterfly getting on relatively well with the older students who had begun they’re hard partying after the first few fights.

Brooke, Chris and Craig (meister) headed back to their dorms where a strange thing happened… a kid in dirty torn trousers and a rat mask skulked down the corridor drawing a knife along the wall till at sound of gun shots it fled…


CullenLewis CullenLewis

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